Country fjords

Country fjords
 Of course, these words of Norway. Perhaps the world will no longer find a place wherever in such harmony united waterfalls, meadows, creeks and mountains. It is in Norway, you can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature, no wonder many tourists eager to come to this country.

Norway is in the north of Europe. Due to the special climatic conditions of temperature annual figures in this country 10-15 degrees higher than in Alaska and Greenland. All the matter in the warm Gulf Stream. It has a strong influence on the climate of Norway.

This powerful within influenced the formation of the world's most beautiful natural sites - the fjords. They formed about 10-12 thousand. Years ago as a result of the vanishing glaciers. Extended bays cutting into the land - it is a natural phenomenon unique. Some of the fjords of Norway on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Amazing rugged beauty of the landscape attracts thousands of travelers in Norway. Tourists come to Norway in the hope of seeing the cliffs, emerald meadows, crystal surface of Norwegian lakes, waterfalls, snow-capped peaks.

Boat tours on the fjord - the hottest tourist route. The most common excursion destinations: Hardangerford, Glomford, Lysefjord, Stavangerford and, of course, Geirangerfjord. Lysefjord is located in the southern part of Western Norway near Ryfylke. Above the fjord stands Preikestolen cliff height 604 m and a height of cliff Kjerag 1084 m.

At the heart of Western Norway Hardangerford located, it is in the region of Hordaland. Known this beautiful fjord orchards. Their spring bloom mesmerizing the audience with its beauty. But the most beautiful Norwegian fjord is rightly called the Geirangerfjord, it is located in the north of Western Norway. You can see the famous waterfalls "Seven Sisters" and "Bridal Veil". A local legend says the following. On one of the seven sisters in Geiranger came to woo the youth. But the girls were so charming that Viking has not been able to decide on which one to marry. While the young man hesitated, took so much time that the sisters have sunk into oblivion, becoming a resounding seven waterfalls.

To inspect the local landscape you can take a hike or take an exciting bike ride. Whichever route choose tourists vacationing in Norway, in this country they will be able to see a lot of amazing scenery and feel the harmony with nature.

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