Come to my house, or The Holiday

Come to my house, or The Holiday
 If you think that the hotels for rest unreasonably expensive trips - boring, and you yourself - trapped in the narrow confines of turputevku, try to leave the exchange. This freedom of action, meet new people and tangible cost savings.
 When planning a vacation, people often choose to rest of the city in which they live their friends and relatives. At least, it provides a no leisure, as a maximum - significant savings on accommodation. But, unfortunately, few can boast of connections in different parts of the globe. And you have to budget a trip round sum, which will leave only the night. The high cost of hotels is often a determining factor for the choice of tours.

Now imagine that in each country, in almost every city, inhabited by people who have settled in their free? And if you're lucky, and even fed, and will hold a tour .. With the proliferation of the internet it has become possible for everyone. Hospitality Network - resources where you can find people of like-minded and ready to meet new people and new experiences.

Perhaps one of the most famous of these sites - network Rest on the exchange is often called - CouchSurfing. Everything is quite simple. Registration is free, the main condition - that you have been 18 years old. Fill the form and you will get access to the site. You can start looking for people who can take you to other cities and countries. Of course, the main principle of such a network - reciprocity. That is, be prepared that you will ever "descend". However, their conditions you can dictate, like any other community member. By default, the residence of each other for free, but other services can be provided on request for a fee - for example, food, any entertainment, etc.

If you are not ready to host strangers, but you can keep them company in the walk in your city, for example, or to act as an interpreter, please indicate this in your profile.

It is clear that most concern is the safety issue. Will not your "hospitable host" a deceiver, and even criminal? To do this, you can leave opinions about the user, after we met with him personally. After reviewing these comments, you can decide to go to that person or not. In addition, your correspondence is stored online and accessible administration. And, of course, all participants are required to provide true information about yourself - name, address, passport number, etc., they are all checked.

In addition to site CouchSurfing, work and other resources vzaimoputeshestvy, one of the most popular - Among the Russian language resources have, as well as many groups in social networks. Popular community Not all of them provide security guarantees. Nevertheless, all incidents are recorded, and the information about con necessarily extend across the network.

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