Celebrate the New Year in England

Celebrate the New Year in England
 New Year celebrations in Britain preceded the solemn meeting of the Nativity, which in this country is given much more importance. Therefore, the change of years the British perceived more as a continuation of the holiday rather than as a separate event. However, this does not negate the existence of certain traditions related to cooking and eating.
 Their most tied to the custom of the first battle of chimes. Dealt the final blow ... and the house is becoming a tense expectation. All congratulate each other, make a wish, have fun and enjoy, but at the same time listen closely: who is who will be the first guest in the new year? Who call the front or enter the unlocked (another tradition of Great Britain) the back door? After all, if the first home visit, dark-haired man, then it is guaranteed promises happiness and success in the coming year. However, for this you must perform several rituals: for example, it is desirable that a guest brought with him symbolize warmth, food and welfare gifts - coal, bread and a pinch of salt. Sooty he must immediately throw into the fire, and only then can we welcome owners. In turn, welcoming the British must feed the messenger of happiness (as, indeed, any New Year stranger).

What can offer British travelers night? List of traditional dishes is small, but it does not deprive him of the appeal. And at the first place of honor - the famous turkey. Of course, with his constant companion - gooseberry sauce. Carcasses stuffed with stuffing, which usually includes turkey liver, crackers, onions and almonds, raisins, apples and a variety of seasonings and spices. Sauce, produced on the basis of gooseberry, wine, starch and sugar served usually separately. As an alternative to this traditional dish is sometimes used turkey, served with a side dish of vegetables.

No less famous and the next permanent inhabitant of New Year's table in the UK - pudding. Its formula is rich in a variety of variations, but always remains one - at the heart have to be oatmeal. Or, in extreme cases, it can replace the bread crumbs. And that will add a favorite mistress in children and adults British dish - is limited to the scope of her imagination. Used and fruits and candied fruit, and even such unusual ingredients like dark beer! Its ritual and has a supply of pudding - just before as a full participant in this feast appear on the table, it poured rum, set on fire and flaming make a handsome dining room.

The last in the list of essential attributes of the New Year table Albion - drinks. Or rather - a great variety of different alcoholic drinks based on fruit and berries, whose name - Stamp. This newcomer from India for the past four centuries, does not leave the Christmas feasts. Traditionally served in large bowls, initially he had a total of five essential components: rum, sugar, lemon juice, tea and hot water. Over time, a host of new variants of punch, but the most favorite and Full Tilt on the festive table remains the drink prepared according to this recipe.

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