Best Ski Resorts

Best Ski Resorts
 Skiing, choosing a resort, sometimes find themselves in a quandary, because places for outdoor activities a lot. So before you buy a ticket, you should read reviews to learn in detail about a particular ski resort.
 To relax, find out whether there are at this resort route best suited to you in terms of complexity. Because the track, built on a steep slope, where thrives experienced skier, can be dangerous for a beginner.

In addition get information on the following questions: Does the resort is located centrally; far it was to him from the nearest airport or major railway junction; What is the infrastructure of the resort - well if it is equipped with whether there is a sufficient number of hotels, ski lifts. You also need to know whether resistant snow cover at a time when you are going to visit the resort, in fact would be a shame to learn upon arrival that almost all the snow melted.

For all these indicators, one of the undisputed leaders in a resort of Chamonix in the French Alps, located in the Mont Blanc massif near the Italian border. Chamonix Valley length of 16 kilometers, stretching from Les Ears to Argentiere, this is a real paradise for ski enthusiasts. On its slopes laid about 150 lines of different complexity, and places for skiing beginners especially remote from lines intended for experienced skiers. Valley abounds with a variety of hotels - from small to large chalet complexes, and if we add to this wonderful views of Mont Blanc mountain range, it is not surprising popularity of the resort of Chamonix.

A great reputation as a Swiss resort of Verbier, which many skiers called "Snow Fairy Tale." It is located between the mountains of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, and is part of the world-famous district "Four Valleys" - the most popular place with skiers in Switzerland. There you can easily find any suitable route, and if you come to rest with the children, for them is equipped with a few gentle slopes directly in the village of Verbier - the center of the resort.

Verbier, where in addition to the hotel is full of great bars and clubs, is the original capital of the nightlife of this small mountainous country.

The resort of Val d'Isere is located in the French Alps, has become particularly famous after the Winter Olympics of 1992, because that is where the competition took place in Alpine skiing. Skiing is possible year-round, even in summer, thanks to the proximity of a large glacier Pissele. About 100 ski lifts, excellent infrastructure, lots of tracks of different complexity, beautiful nature - all this made the resort, said one of the most popular destinations for skiers.

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