Ahead of impressions: a trip to Baden-Baden

Ahead of impressions: a trip to Baden-Baden
 Each year, about five thousand of tourists visit the German resort of Baden-Baden. Some are going to improve their health, while others - just for new experiences. Besides visiting the medicinal hot springs in Baden-Baden really have to look at.

The climate is mild in Baden-Baden, close to the Mediterranean, the most favorable season for visitors - from May to October. This resort is located on the western slopes of the Black Forest, in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Roman imperial baths were built on this land in the 214 GE under the Emperor Caracalla. With the departure of the Romans from these territories thermal springs have been forgotten. But with the 1306 Baden became again gaining popularity, and in 1507 the city was awarded the rank of Baden-Baden Resort can be treated cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system.

Vacationers can play at a local casino, go to museums, or visit the drama theater get on one of the international festivals.
A huge impression on tourists produce, of course, parks and gardens in Baden-Baden. In the Rose Garden Rosengarten, which was founded about 30 years ago, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the enchanting flowers. This garden is one of the most beautiful rose gardens of Europe. Especially of romantic atmosphere arises in Rosengarten, in the evening, when the garden is included in the special lighting.

Located along the left bank of the river Oos, Lichtentaler Allee was planted over 350 years ago. Later alley was turned into a park, which now boasts more than 300 species of trees. During a walk through Lichtentaler alley you can see the gallery and the Museum Frieder Burda, City Museum, beautiful hotels, mini-golf course, a park Genner-Anlage. The end point will be walking in front of the Collegiate area Lichtentaler monastery.

Florentine mountain is located between the Collegiate Church and the New Castle. This park is designed in a Mediterranean style. It attracts tourists delicate fragrance of orange and lemon trees, as well as an opportunity to inspect the ruins of the Roman baths. They were discovered during excavations.

The city center area Leopoldplatts, named in honor of the Duke Leopold, who ruled these lands from 1830 to 1852. Diverge from the square four streets of the city: Louisenstraße, Sofienshtrasse, Gernsbahershtrasse, Lihtentaleshtrasse. You can start a walk with a tour of the local theater, look at the Kurhaus and casino, walk along Lichtentaler alley to the monastery.

However, any route that would choose the tourists in Baden-Baden will be very interesting, and local tours take travelers a lot of fun.

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