Women's dreams of distant countries: Cyprus

Women's dreams of distant countries: Cyprus
 Every year since the onset of the holiday season becomes relevant question: where to spend your well-deserved vacation. Someone stays at home, while others go on a journey. The best way to achieve this is Cyprus.
 In this corner of the globe more than 300 days a year gentle sun shines. On the island of mild Mediterranean climate. The swimming season starts in April. Velvet season is the time from September to November. Cyprus is one of the few resorts that offers a huge number of tourist destinations. Here everyone can find a rest for the soul. For example, you can sunbathe on the beach, swim in the Mediterranean, to visit attractions, historical and cultural monuments. This place has absorbed the heritage and traditions of many civilizations and cultures. Visit the ruins of ancient cities, ancient monasteries and churches, Venetian palaces, Gothic castles and much more. There are all conditions for recreation. Are in great demand golf, diving, horseback riding, mountain and water skiing, windsurfing, sailing.

In addition, Cyprus comfortable for families. In hotels for your children, there are play areas, swimming pools, animation. The island's economy depends on tourism, so there is everything for your convenience. Built a lot of hotels with a high level of service. Recreation is available to people with different income levels. The best of nightlife. Open their doors in the evening restaurants, cafes, bars, discos.

Cyprus is quite safe. No crime, tourists are protected by law. Cypriots are very friendly to our visitors. Many hotels offer this service as Russian Menu Russian-language television channels, newspapers and music. The stores have a usual assortment of goods for the Russians. Most Cypriots fluent in Russian.

It is worth noting that with the onset of the holiday season, here is problematic enough to book a place. In addition, the burning stages almost impossible to find. Therefore, if you decide to visit the country, in advance take care of the journey.

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