Vacation at sea. How to avoid getting burned?

Vacation at sea. How to avoid getting burned?
 All Year Round Beach lovers willing selected to the sea. The pleasure of bathing in sea water, sandy beaches and surf noise can not be compared to anything else. But prolonged exposure to the sun threatens residents of the middle band with danger.
 Smooth beautiful tan has long been considered a sign of success in Europe, health and sexuality. Leaving the sea, sunbathing lady wildly, not knowing that uncontrolled exposure to the sun crippled body. The greatest risk are fair-skinned people of European type, with blond hair and blue, green or gray eyes.

Sunburn is the result of melanin in the body. To purchase a beautiful, even tone for a long time, you need two weeks before the trip to introduce into your diet foods that enhance the production of this pigment. Melon, apricots and peaches are rich in beta-carotene, carrots are rich in pro-carotene, tomatoes - lycopene, spinach - lutein. All these products saturate the body B vitamins, carotenoids and trace elements which reduce the risk of sunburn and promotes uniform beautiful tan that will continue for a long time.

These fruits and vegetables prepare the body to stay in the sun. It is useful to start taking drugs collagen, as the sun's rays destroy it and the skin becomes dry, prone to irritations and aging rapidly.

 Also make sure in advance to acquire a series of funds with different degrees of protection for the face and body. Selection protection factor depends on the skin type and age. Children up to 3 years old and people over 40, it is better not to be in the sun. Everyone else is desirable to avoid sun exposure between 11 to 16 hours. At this time, the sun is particularly aggressive. Water and sand enhance the action of ultraviolet radiation, it is recommended that reside under the tent, the more that a tan acquired in the shadows, a more uniform, golden and lasts much longer.

Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before sunbathing. During this time, the cream is absorbed into the skin, and its effect will last longer. For the face, neck and décolleté choose the maximum degree of protection (at least 30), especially in the early days. The skin in these areas most susceptible to age-related changes that are caused by ultraviolet light - dryness, pigmentation, fine mesh appearance of wrinkles, flaking. A few days later, when the body is covered with the first tan, you can reduce the degree of protection to 10-8 units and add oil, fixing shade.

Be sure to carry your tools after sunburn, containing antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. They moisturize and nourish the skin that is exposed to UV stress.

To address the serious sunburn, use drugs with panthenol, which reduce inflammation of the skin and promote its regeneration.

Remember that only under these simple rules, stay by the sea and sunbathing great pleasure and will not harm the body.

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