Travel to Panama

Travel to Panama
 For many Russians, beach vacation is associated with such familiar and "jaded" countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand. But if funds permit, you can spend your holidays in a much more exotic location. Go to Panama, where, on the isthmus connecting North and South America, you will find a lot of amazing discoveries.
 Just imagine what you can for one trip to visit on two continents! After all, the country is divided famous Panama Canal. On the one hand it washes the Pacific Ocean, on the other - the Caribbean, already referring to the Atlantic. You can cross the Panama from one ocean to the other, is not it romantic.

You will certainly appreciate the magnificent beach holiday. One of the best resorts considered to Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast. Along the banks of a lot of coral reefs, the sand is fine and white, the sun gentle, blowing cool sea breeze. As for hotels and infrastructure, they meet the highest standards.

The country has a great nature and stunning scenery. Tourists admire the majestic mountain ranges of the Cordillera de Veragua and the Cordillera de San Blas, virgin rainforests, home to sloths, monkeys, deer, pumas, anteaters and other exotic animals.

On Taboga, the island of flowers, many birds of bright colors and luxurious flowering plants. And in the ecological reserve of El Valle de Anton inhabited by the golden frog. They are considered a symbol of the country. By the way, the reserve is located directly on the crater of an extinct volcano. It grows orchids chic and whimsical trees, crowned with square canopy.

While in Panama, we must also be sure to explore the Botanical Gardens Summit - they are 15 thousand rare plant species. Worthy of a visit Sobrerania Reserve and Zoo. In the capital (she, like the state, too, bears the name of Panama), a lot of interesting places. Should definitely visit the Old Panama, founded in 1519. It abundance of charming colonial-style building, the Church of San Jose with the famous golden altar.

The new part of the city is also full of attractions: there are fine old mansions and modern skyscrapers. You can go to the ancient Portobelo. Not only that, you will travel the road of the conquistadors, so once upon arrival to see the beautiful cathedral XVIII century. Do not miss a tour of the main symbol of the country - the Panama Canal. It the largest gateway in the world, stunning views, lots of huge ocean liners. In short, the impressions of the trip to Panama will be plenty. In comparison, the high cost of travel may not seem like such a big minus.

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