Top 7 apps for travel

Top 7 apps for travel
 If you do not have the ability or desire to entrust the whole department organizing the trip or their travel routes you navigate themselves, as well as when you are in a hurry, use the mobile applications for smartphones.
 Applications for travel before you remove any distance, in seconds provides the necessary information at the moment, remove communication barriers and allow yourself to feel the master of his destiny. In addition, they provide an opportunity from a variety of options to choose the one that is needed for you.

The journey begins with the carrier. You need to select the optimal path and the easiest way it can be done through the application. For example, using It will determine the availability in over 1000 airlines. In airline alliances such as SkyTeam and Star alliance applications are interesting because there are tickets at attractive price, since it is possible to obtain information about the sales.

As for the reservation, there is the undisputed leader of This application tracks the movement of visitors over 228,000 hotels in 169 countries around the world. Has an excellent Russian interface and book rooms in minutes.

Now there are actual applications that help navigate the terrain. Download to your phone MapsWithMe Pro, and in a strange country, you will not get lost. Once download the map, you can further use them without an internet connection. GPS and compass pinpoint the location where you currently are.

Now we need to overcome the language barrier. This will help products such as SpeakEasy, and Phrasebook "Rousseau tourists", made specially for Russian travelers.

Nothing gets so cheap and is valued so much as a freebie. Download the application, helps you find cheap tours, and you can go, for example, for 8 days in Greece for what that $ 300.

When traveling, you can use the audio guide from Jourist Verlags GmbH, which will tell you about the sights of Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona and other cities.

And, of course, will be very useful currency calculator that will help you not to be distracted by complex calculations and will inform about the current exchange rates. It can be taken in the line of application BlackBerry R. Now we can get under way in the way.

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