Time travel: Odessa - a city of the sea and good mood

Time travel: Odessa - a city of the sea and good mood
 Rest in Odessa is incredibly diverse. Caledonia - so it is called travelers from all over the world. You can come here all year round and always will delight the city with something new, both innocent before.
 Sea, beach and sun - this is a classic set of traveler who is always supplement. In Odessa, it is impossible to miss, even the atmosphere in this city is full of celebration and anticipation of something new.

By analogy with the North Palmyra, called Odessa - South. It plays a role that cities are like: the same straight streets, every second house is a listed building, the construction of which was due to the difficulties ... In St. Petersburg, this prevented the swamp, and in Odessa - winds and a severe shortage of fresh water.

To Odessa found splendor, it took a lot of effort and the authorities. Residents lured free plot, but the apartments were distributed to everyone. Nobody wanted to go for permanent residence to the place where there is almost no resources for life.

Odessa loved poets. For example, the city founded a literary memorial museum of Alexander Pushkin. He stayed at the hotel Hotel du Nord, had spent 13 months, and it was there that have decided to place a cultural center.

The main construction material used in the construction of buildings - coquina. All the old houses have no more than 5 floors, otherwise the whole structure could crumble. Stone for the construction of mined in the bowels of the earth, and gradually turned into a quarry underground labyrinths - the famous Odessa catacombs, the total length of which is estimated at about 2,500 kilometers. In such places, in times of war the guerrillas established bases and hide the local population, and later smugglers hid wine.

Wealthy residents of the city is often presented gift, which become a decoration on the streets. For example, a monument to Pushkin on the Promenade or immortalized in bronze architect Baron de Ribas with a shovel and plans for urban construction.

Odessa - a city of jokes, fun atmosphere reigns here at every step. In the city park can sit on the 12th chair, which was hunted Bender. And on a certain market - Privoz - everywhere hear juicy Odessa speech with jokes.

Stroll through the Passenger Terminal. In the local port for cruise liners at the box office there is a schedule and indicate the value of the cabins, which can move into and Odessa. Here you can hear the song of the horn, it takes Leonid Cliffs. A variety of beaches, free and paid, will study the Black Sea and down.

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