The city on the Neva River: St. Petersburg and its attractions

The city on the Neva River: St. Petersburg and its attractions
 Petersburg - one of the original Russian cities. From the first days of occurrence, he lives his life. To see this, it is not necessary to travel around the city and visit its many palaces. To do this, you will just walk along Nevsky Prospekt and firsthand look at the life of local residents. On the streets of the city literally everything breathes its rich 300-year history.
 Inspect numerous attractions Venice of the North can not only under the watchful eye of the guide, but also independently. Even more preferably the second embodiment. Petersburg was built on elaborate architectural plan that nowadays greatly facilitates self-acquaintance with him, even those who are staying in it for the first time. Admire the local beauty can not only from the land. Numerous branches and channels of the Neva let you perform amazing trips on the boat. From water to many local attractions open an entirely different angle.

Always worth a visit on Nevsky Prospect. It is often called the heart of the city. The length of this line is about four kilometers. Along this stretch buildings that once belonged to the local nobility and the building was designed by famous architects. This street was the center of social and cultural life of St. Petersburg. Such it remains today. Her appearance has changed from year to year, but the architectural ensembles, monuments, sculptures and bridges thrown over channels remain unchanged. On Nevsky are Kazan Cathedral, Church of St. Catherine, department store "Great courtyard seating" Stroganov Palace.

Promenade in the city on the Neva is difficult to imagine without examining its architectural gems - Peter and Paul Cathedral, which affects its ethereal beauty. Its bell tower, which consists of several tiers, surmounted by a gilded spire on the top of which there is an angel with a cross. On gilding 122-meter spire took 8 kilograms of pure gold. Within the walls of the cathedral are fighting relics of Peter the Great.

Admiralty - one of the attractive sights of the city. Construction in the spirit of early classicism decorated with sculptures that illustrate the myths and legends of the sea. The ensemble includes Admiralty Alexander Garden, erected in the 19th century. It busts Gogol, Lermontov, Glinka.

The city has many palaces, the walls of which still keep the secrets of its first owners. Particularly noteworthy are palaces such as the Mariinsky, Tauride, Anichkov. In St. Petersburg, there are more than a dozen large gardens and parks. The age of some of them is calculated for centuries. Summer garden was founded in the early 18th century, and the Tauride - at the end. Field of Mars, St. Michael and Catherine's gardens are younger. Once on them walked sedately local nobility, today they serve as resting place of ordinary citizens and tourists.

The Bronze Horseman - that is popularly referred to as a monument to Peter I, who is the Senate Square. He is one of the recognizable monuments and a unique symbol of the city on the Neva. Founder of St. Petersburg is depicted riding a rearing horse, standing as it were on the edge of the cliff. French sculptor Etienne Falkope successfully sent to the dead and the living stone quivering nature of Peter the Great. People stand in long Bronze Horseman and never ceases to amaze its utmost rigor and simplicity.

Walking in St. Petersburg and inspection of its buildings can be diluted with a visit to the museum, which is in short supply. Very popular among tourists is the Hermitage. This is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world where you can see paintings of legendary artists, sculpture, including antique, made of precious stones, medals. Of particular interest to visitors is an excursion to the Cabinet of Curiosities - the first Russian museum. Within its walls you can see the anatomical abnormalities, as well as weapons prehistoric times, Sarayskiy antiquity of the Golden Horde.

Not only man-made attractions of the city is admirable response. In the early summer in St. Petersburg can be seen an amazing natural phenomenon - the white nights. At this time the city is impregnated with a special energy, which leads to the walls even more guests.

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