Nuremberg city dolls

Nuremberg city dolls
 In the twentieth century the German city of Nuremberg received the solemn notoriety place where the trial of the Nazis, the famous Nuremberg Trials. However, long before Hitler came to power, the world learned about the Nuremberg as a center of excellence toy.
 Nuremberg, one of the largest cities in Bavaria, known for a rich history. At various times, he became, the haven of artists and poets, the pilgrimage to the relics of St. Sebald, the center of Nazism and anti-Semitism. Together with the epochs in Nuremberg changed rulers, architecture and way of life, a city in turmoil and then the Thirty Years War of the rebellion of Protestants, the fire in the Jewish ghetto, the destruction of the famous Nuremberg wall, one of the longest in Europe. Perhaps the only one in the last 600 years in Nuremberg remained unchanged even in the most difficult years did not interrupt their work masters for the production of toys.

In the fourteenth century, when the medieval Bavarian city was inhabited by knights and artisans in Nuremberg were first puppeteers. They were made of baked clay toys, selling them at fairs wealthy citizens. It took a couple of centuries and several generations of hereditary masters of toys to go from the mundane and clumsy clay monsters to skilled specimen of woodcarving. It was invented in Nuremberg miniature puppet related items, much-loved children. Thanks to visiting merchants dollhouses renowned throughout Europe, and the art of Nuremberg masters praised by many writers, storytellers, including the famous author of "The Nutcracker" by Ernest Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann.

At the beginning of the twentieth century due doll history Nuremberg decided to give his wife Bayer. Paul and Lydia enthusiastic gathering all kinds of toys, ranging from vintage and ending at the time modern. Over time, their collection has grown to such an extent that it states concerned. In the sixties, the municipality purchased from Bayer and opened their meeting in Nuremberg Toy Museum. It is located in the heart of the city, on Karlstrasse 13-15, in a house dating back to the Renaissance.

To date, the exhibition of the Museum of Nuremberg dolls are 65 thousand exhibits. In dozens of spacious halls visitors can see miniature cars, railroads, airplanes, as well as antique dolls, most of which dates back to the rarity 1750. In the department of modern toys presents a complete collection of Barbie and Lego, since 1945.

From May to October, guests of the Museum of toys can play various outdoor games outdoors: in the park area of ​​700 square meters. And of course, all year round for young visitors to a shop that sells both modern toys, and copies of old. For example, in Europe the famous polar bear white, the former best friend of the guys in the fifties of the twentieth century.

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