Medicinal water, dirt and air from the Dead Sea

Medicinal water, dirt and air from the Dead Sea
 Wonders of nature, you can list a lot, but without a doubt one of the most unique and amazing is the Dead Sea. The lake is unique in almost everything. And that coast it is located far below sea level, and that it is the deepest of the salt lakes, is an unusual and atmospheric pressure, which for some reason is the highest in the region.

"Dead" is a unique sea called because no living organisms are not able to live in it, except for the rare species of algae and bacteria. Being the salty waters of all, the lake is also the densest in relation to water. The density of water is so great that it drowned in the Dead Sea is almost impossible. If, while in the water, lift your head up, you will experience something similar to the feeling of weightlessness. Such procedures, by the way, are very useful for the musculoskeletal system, since it is almost completely discharged.

Unique and useful in the Dead Sea is not only the amount of salt, but their mineralogical composition, which has a positive impact on the entire human body.

Healing are at the Dead Sea and mud extracted from the bottom of the sea, containing large amounts of sulphides. These dirt valuable for its anti-inflammatory properties. The content of iodine and bromine in these muds are very high. And do dirt particles are very small, so that it is sufficiently well into the skin layers.

It is worth noting that the ozone layer over its territory is the thickest, which positively affects the absorption of ultraviolet radiation. At this level of absorption of ultraviolet radiation on the territory of Dead Lake practically can not bring any harm to the human body.

This unique region is all unusual. Even the air in the territory of the Dead Sea is healing. The winds are blowing in the direction of the Dead Sea from the desert, crossing many kilometers of red-hot land, where there is nothing, no special vegetation, no water, and most importantly, no industry. So, to the Dead Sea air gets clean and almost dry, they contain no allergy-causing substances. Full of all kinds of mineral vapors, the air has beneficial effects on the respiratory system of the body.

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