Map seas unknown Bulgaria

Map seas unknown Bulgaria
 In the old days, a trip to the seaside resorts of Bulgaria for the citizens of the USSR was an accomplishment. The name of the most famous Bulgarian resort "Zlata Pyastsy" - "Golden Sands" sounded so tempting, intriguing! Later on, when trips abroad have become the most common, natural thing, the popularity of Bulgaria plummeted. Only recently, she again began to demand the Russians as the country where you can relax well and inexpensively.
 Bulgaria has access only to the Black Sea. However, even on the beaches visited many tourist seas will be pleased, once arrived at the famous "Golden Sands". The strip of sandy beaches in the area stretches for almost three and a half kilometers. In the height of summer sea water at the Golden Sands is heated to 25 ° C. The air temperature is rarely more than 27 degrees, so there is no sweltering heat. The resort is situated in a conservation area, many locals are fluent in Russian, which is very convenient for Russian tourists.

For guests who come to vacation with children, Golden Sands - great. Log in shallow sea, without sudden changes in depth. The resort is well placed children's animation.

You can relax in Albena. This major tourist complex located about 40 kilometers from the international airport in the city of Varna. In Albena more than 40 hotels of different categories to suit every taste and budget. Sandy beach has a length of almost two kilometers and it is very wide, so there is plenty of space. Log into the water flat, which is also important for the holidays with children, or if the tourists do not know how to swim.

For low-income people who can hardly afford even a cheap holiday in Bulgaria, perfect resort Kranevo. The village is located between Golden Sands and Albena. Prices there are much lower than at other Bulgarian resorts at quite a good level of service. In short, this is the place for unpretentious tourists who want to relax in the warm sea and thus to save.

To the south of the resorts listed between the cities of Varna and Burgas is a small town of Obzor. It is located in one of the most beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea coast, on the shore of the picturesque bay. The excellent combination of sea and mountain air will review effective climatological resort. Tourists can not only swim, but also to walk in the nearby mountain forests.

Finally, pay attention to the resort "Sunny Beach". This bay with a long sandy strip about 8 kilometers. The beach is very small, bottom flat. To the international airport in Bourgas, about 35 kilometers. In recent years, the infrastructure of the resort improved significantly: there was a lot of new restaurants, discos, nightclubs, water attractions.

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