Map of the Seas: The best cruises

Map of the Seas: The best cruises
 Cruises - a very popular form of travel. After all, modern passenger liners in terms of comfort, service almost as good as high-class hotel. A tourist also has the opportunity for a relatively short period of time to visit many cities, ports, view their sights. The very concept of "sea cruise" sounds so romantic!
 There are many cruises designed for any desires and financial capabilities tourists. If it is a short journey for a relatively small amount, you should pay attention to the Baltic cruise. For example, a very popular trip on comfortable ships, ferry companies "Viking" and "Silja Line" plying between ports of St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm. This is a large displacement of the vessel, where there is a cabin of any class, from the most economical to luxurious luxury. It offers tourists a lot of clubs, restaurants, bars, shops "dyuti free" concert halls on the liner. There is also a sauna, swimming pools, decks for walking.

Only three travel tourist get a lot of impressions. Sailed in the evening from St. Petersburg, he could the next morning to see the sights of the capital of Finland - Helsinki. And one day he will be in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Stockholm, where many historical and architectural monuments, including the Museum of the only surviving ship of the XVII century - the galleon "Vasa". This place is extremely popular, every year it is visited by a huge number of Swedes and foreign visitors.

If tourists want to visit the ports of the Mediterranean, they can choose from a variety of tours. For example, "Western Mediterranean", which runs from Italy - Spain - Tunisia - Malta. During the eight days of travel liner swims cities such ports as Genoa (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Tunis (Tunisia), Valletta (Malta), Messina (Italy). In each of these ports are many interesting sights.

Another round of "Eastern Mediterranean", which runs through Venice (Italy) - Bari (Italy) - Katakolon (Greece) - Izmir (Turkey) - Istanbul (Turkey) - Dubrovnik (Croatia). This trip certainly give visitors unforgettable impressions.

There are many more distant and expensive cruises. Around the whole of Europe, including the approach to the famous Norwegian fjords to the tropical islands in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, even to Antarctica and the North Pole. In the latter case we are talking about taking a cruise on the nuclear-powered icebreakers. It is very expensive, but wealthy tourists willing to pay a round sum for the chance to proudly say afterwards: "But I have been at the top of the world! »

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