Map of Prague attractions: what to see

Map of Prague attractions: what to see
 Holidays in Prague attracts not only lovers of high-quality beer, but also lovers of history. No wonder Prague is one of the oldest cities in Europe, where a variety of perfectly preserved monuments of architecture, and there are plenty of other attractions that are worth seeing.
 The most popular among tourists Prague Castle, which today is the presidential residence. The structure was built six centuries ago and is hidden behind high walls more than 100 meters. There is a whole range of monuments, including the Old Royal Palace, National Gallery, St. Vitus Cathedral.

About this temple should be discussed separately, it is the largest in the Czech Republic. The first prototype of the modern cathedral existed in the 10th century BC Construction lasted for almost 600 years, so the building will combine the features of several architectural styles. Today, it houses the tomb of Czech kings and the royal treasury. The most convenient way to inspect the cathedral during a comprehensive tour of the Prague Castle as well as a separate entrance to the cathedral is also an extra charge.

Sights of Prague does not end architectural monuments. Original look Krizik fountains, built in the late 19th century. The classical music they dance, changing the shape and direction of the jet. Bright light show runs every night from early spring to mid-autumn.

Additional points of what to see and Prague are astronomical clock located on the tower at the Old Town Hall. Being built in the early 15th century, they are still working, while the construction is accompanied by the legend that the master who created this miracle, died by throwing himself on the clock mechanism, being deprived of by order of the king. This was done to ensure that he was not able to discover the secret of the mechanism, which is why almost 100 years the clock did not work. Every hour in the windows appear 12 hours of the Apostles, and the spectacle attracts curious travelers.

This is just a short list of what you can see in this beautiful city. Vacationing here is good any time of year, so seasonal restrictions sightseeing simply does not exist.

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