Map of attractions: Golden Prague

Map of attractions: Golden Prague
 Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Once there, you can admire the unique castles and temples, to touch the amazing history of the Czech Republic, enough to work up through the narrow old streets and make a wish at the famous Charles Bridge.
 No wonder Princess Libuse, the name of which is connected to the base of the legend of Prague, said: "I see a great city, thanks to its star ascends." Indeed, to contemplate his beauty on the banks of the Vltava River attracts tourists from all over the world. After Prague can be called an open air museum, a collection of architectural masterpieces and historical values. Therefore it and apply the epithet "golden".

One of the most picturesque parts of Prague - based in the XV century Hradcany. Walking through their quiet streets, you can leisurely explore the ancient monasteries, medieval castles, thick walls, palaces.

But even more enjoyable to explore the Old Town. It was founded than four centuries earlier Hradcany and Prague was the beginning of the current. One of the main attractions of these places - the Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock Prague - the Astronomical Clock. To see a unique presentation that is played every hour in front of the tower in the morning crowded with people.

The spectacle is truly amazing offer: symbolizing death skeleton rings a small bell, in the openings occur 12 apostles, distills it, and completes all crowing of the cock. If climb the clock tower, you can enjoy stunning views of Prague.

Also on the Old Town Square is a monument to the famous Jan Hus, burned at the stake. And next - a church in which he preached. A little further - St. Martin's Cathedral. This kind of boundary between the Old Town and the New.

Wenceslas Square is a monument to the saint whose name it is called. And in the near lane to the left - an alternative ruler sculpture work of David Cerny. The sculptor carved Wenceslas riding a dead horse upside down. So the master tried to express moral decline that has occurred since that time.

On the legendary Charles Bridge many sculptures. Some bring good luck. Other grant their wishes. It is necessary either to touch any of the parts of the statue or monument rub.

Very interesting Josefov quarter. This so-called Jewish Quarter, where they lived the great Franz Kafka and the same Rabbi Levi, which according to legend created a clay giant Golem. However, all the attractions of Prague are not listed. It is best to open their own, each time marveling at the grandeur and beauty of this city.

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