Kamakura - ancient capital of Japan

Kamakura - ancient capital of Japan
 Just south of Tokyo, on the Miura Peninsula, lies one of the most ancient cities in China - Kamakura, beautiful and mysterious. For many years, Kamakura was the capital of Japan, but, and deprived of the title, attracts many tourists from around the world.
 In the 1180 general Minamotono Ёrimoto introduced his feudal military government in Kamakura. A little later, Military Merit was awarded the title of Generalissimo Minamotono and became the head of Japan, turning natural fortress in the capital - the city was well protected sea and the mountains and is ideal for this. Almost 150 years of Kamakura is a stronghold of the samurai and the political center of Japan, but after the destruction of the shogunate Kamakurskogo city was complete desolation. Second life he gave the artists and writers of the Meiji era.

To this day, a special local flavor and attractions attract thousands of tourists. On the territory of the Kamakura there are 65 Buddhist temples, as well as two of the most ancient monastery of Zen.

In Kamakurskom Hasedera temple there is a statue odinnadtsatigolovoy Canon to which attracts hundreds of pilgrims from all over Japan.

The temple Engaku-ji Temple, built in the XIII century to commemorate the victory of the samurai over Tatar-Mongols, visitors will learn to shoot a bow as it is done by the samurai - they have a different philosophy of this type of shooting.

And in Kamakura is one of the most ancient statues of Buddha - The Great Buddha. It was established in 1252 and is one of the greatest works of art in Japan.

But the sights - not everything that can boast an ancient city. Kamakura is often referred to as "Japanese Miami" - for its sandy beaches and extremely popular windsurfing. And in 1965, was built in Kamakura in Japan, the biggest harbor for yachts - for competitions during the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

One of the areas of Kamakura, Enoshima, is located on a small island, which can be seen from almost any beach town. On the island, too, have a lot to see - here's entertainment centers and many cultural and historical monuments. On the island's best beaches in the city - with gray sand, clear waters and large sea shells.

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