How to overcome fear in the plane

How to overcome fear in the plane
 Treatment aerophobia, like any other phobia, depends on its causes and personal characteristics of a person. However, we can give some general tips that, if not save you from aerophobia, then help move quite bearable flight.  
 Take care of your comfort even before the flight. If you are afraid of heights, do not buy a seat near the window. If you often swayed during takeoff and landing, do not choose the seat in the tail of the aircraft. But if you're claustrophobic, take a seat next to the emergency exit. Before the flight, do not forget to have a square meal. It is not necessary to lean on sweet and fatty foods, and you should not overeat. However, the stomach should not be empty - it will exacerbate fear of flying. Prepare yourself a fascinating pastime in the plane. Bring a good book, embroidery, knitting - any thing that will help you to escape and immerse oneself in it.

For registration come in time. Extra excitement you absolutely nowhere. Prior to departure and during the flight do not abuse the coffee as caffeine increases the anxiety.

If you are a fan of action movies of the incident plane that brave staff time to save at the last minute, do not indulge in his hobby in the last days before the trip. Such screenings can shatter the nerves even seasoned passenger.

Once in the plane, do not pick his feet under him, and put your feet flat on the floor, so that you feel support under your feet. If you are traveling in high heel shoes, remove them. On the plane, think of pleasant things that soothe you - loved ones, sea, bath with foam. Think about what you prefer when finally fly so far and I will dwell in the hotel.

Find someone who is nervous, even more than you, and try to calm him down. Next to him, you immediately feel bold, confident and calm.

Keep in your pocket gum or a couple of chocolates. Increase in blood glucose levels reduces feelings of uneasiness. Help to overcome fear and alcohol, of course, in moderation.

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