For the underwater beauty: the best dive sites

For the underwater beauty: the best dive sites
 Now none of the seaside resort is complete without a variety of water activities - diving or snorkeling. But experienced divers can only laugh at the dive near the busy beach, located near the hotel or hotels. They know very well that this dive sites on the planet quite a bit. The entire list of dive sites can be viewed in a special diving guide. But it is necessary to stay on the best places to dive.

Galapagos Islands - a place special. Here you can see the rocks of volcanic granite and basalt. Under water in front of you brought marine iguanas, eating algae that live and live only here. You can also swim with the penguins, and maybe you are lucky enough to see the most rare starfish, which recently opened. But do not forget that dive to Galapogosskih islands far nedlya beginners. You just have to be able to determine the speed of currents, orient well and also know a million different tricks.

Sipadan Island - in the circles of divers is considered a legend. And the journey there is not cheap. Sipadan is located near the northeast coast of the island of Borneo and Sulawesi Sea. Its area is only just 12 acres, you can get around Sipadan in just 30 minutes. Among divers this island is famous for the fact that only seven meters away from the shore is a vertical reef wall, it goes down almost 700 meters. Under the water you can see the parrot fish, schools of barracuda, when divers than any attention they do not pay. At a distance of only a meter away from you, you can see more than two dozen turtles. Divers do not notice the clown fish, giant clams, eels - all those other places want to meet. Quite simply this reef prohibited any fishery, and the most common underwater animals no one is surprised.

Malta diving centers set, and all reputable and well-known. Especially known divers islands of Comino and Gozo. These Ostrava attract all to its unique structure: fractures, caves, grottos ... The guide for divers, indicated the best places to dive, so that's just coast of Gozo "zasizheny" icon, wherever nyrnesh, everywhere would be interested. Azure Window - a special place. Stone huge arch through which you can see how the splashing waves. Underwater living creatures in this area is much smaller than in the Maldives and Hoegaarden. But in the immediate vicinity you can observe how the octopus cleans its territory or, as the fish build their own house.

Finally, the most elite diving for the most sophisticated professionals Proch on the Big Island Brothers. These islands are located in six - seven hours south of Hoegaarden. The Egyptian government only recently allowed the dive there, as the local underwater reserve still remains one of the unspoiled places in the Red Sea. Diving here can not everyone: as soon as some Egyptian court can approach the data islands, which is why only wealthy people can get there.

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