Dresden - a city rising up from the ashes

Dresden - a city rising up from the ashes
 Dresden Elbe river divides into two halves and gives the city flavor and charm. The capital of Saxony differ refinement of architecture and the greatest museum collections. Dresden more poetically styled Florence-on-Elbe, because in this ancient German city is also in harmony man-made genius and grandeur of nature.  
 Dresden is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Germany. It was founded in 1216. During World War II, Dresden was completely destroyed by the bombing. After the restoration of this historic city has not lost its magnificent appearance, as before, it is Baroque. Restoration work was carried out over 40 years.

At the present time Dresden is the capital of Saxony. This city is considered an important element of industry in Germany, it attracts tourists for its architectural landmarks. The capital of Saxony extraordinarily beautiful, nothing reminds of her tragic past. Located on the river Elbe, the city consists of 19 districts, which in turn are divided into districts.

Dresden city center - Old Town Altstadt, which is situated on the left bank of the river. Here is most of the attractions of Dresden, so many tourists begin their journey from here. In his tour be sure to include the Theater Square, on which the Presidential Palace of the Saxon Wettin dynasty.

Do not forget to visit the Dresden Opera House, it was founded in the XIX century. This building adds color to the overall look of the Saxon capital, because it is done in the style of the Renaissance. The theater is the most exquisite architectural structure of the city. At the entrance to the rear placed statues of many great people.

Not far from the theater is the Zwinger Pavilion, built in Baroque style. It consists of several beautiful palaces. It is in this pavilion is the Dresden Art Gallery, rich in its collection of paintings. In addition to the gallery located here Dresden Armory, which contains about 10,000 historic armor and weapons.

In Dresden is the famous Porcelain Museum, which is the second in the world in terms of collection of pottery. Near the Zwinger is a pond where fishing is prohibited, and its in the water a lot. We should not forget about the museum Albertinum with its galleries, a collection of old coins, sculptures and jewelry.

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