Myths about pregnancy

Myths about pregnancy
 Waiting for the baby - a time filled with new discoveries and sensations. Hormonal changes in the body of the future mother, often make it extremely sensitive, vulnerable and hypochondriac. Maybe that's why the most important month in a woman's life involves a lot of signs, superstitions and myths.
 Myth 1: You can not get a haircut and hair color update.

According to ancient beliefs, long hair is considered a source of strength and could absorb valuable experience. It is not surprising that Russian women are neglected trimming tips during pregnancy. If you do not believe in the old legends, it is not necessary to postpone trip to the hair salon to better times. However, remember that the result of staining can not be predicted - thanks to the same hormonal reorganization. Therefore, the best solution for those who like variety - coloring shampoo, which will slightly change the hair color, but easy to wash off if the experiment fails.

Myth 2. Shopping is canceled!

If you believe this superstition, the expectant mother can not buy clothes and necessary for baby care items before his appearance. Otherwise, sliders and nipples will be assigned to the dark forces, and the pregnancy is over precarious. This "horror stories" are afraid of even modern mom. However, the real relationship between preterm shopping and preterm birth is not revealed yet. If you do decide to take the time to purchase a wardrobe for your baby, you should draw up a detailed list of everything that you may need after discharge from the hospital, and hand it to the beloved husband.

Myth 3. Pregnancy and crafts - are incompatible.

Very often women who are "interesting situation", there is a desire to sew or tie something to a child. But here, they were waiting for another scary story: because knitting child may become tangled in the umbilical cord, made the stitches will not let the baby into this world, and each patch sewn buttons and turn into a mole or birthmark on the skin of a newborn. No scientific justification at this superstition is not. But pregnant needle women should avoid long sitting in one position, so it is occasionally interrupted for "FizKult-minute" or simply a fashion show room.

Myth 4. Games with cat banned.

If a pregnant woman take on hands cat, that her child will be a lot of enemies - reads the sign. Of course, the relationship between communication with fluffy darling and potential enemies of the unborn child is very difficult to find. But there is another reason to limit the communication with strangers cats - toxoplasmosis. This is quite a dangerous virus that can lead to unpleasant consequences. The risk is minimal if the animal lives with you for a long time. However, cleaning the cat tray should entrust to someone in the family.

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