How to schedule pregnancy

How to schedule pregnancy
 Pregnancy - is a very important time in a woman's life. At this time, you need to very carefully monitor their health. Pregnancy calendar will provide you with a lot of help in this.
 Find out your pregnancy. On this you can tell the doctor, and also you can find out the date yourself. Obstetric gestational age is counted not from the moment of conception, which is difficult to determine with accuracy the day, and from the last menstrual period. For example, if your last menses began two months ago, the gestational age is eight weeks.

Get a good guide for pregnant women, which will be described condition of the woman and fetus changes during development. So it will be clear in what cases can be considered their state norm, and when to seek medical attention.

Keep a notebook in which at least weekly take notes about his condition. If desired, there can be transferred and test results, although they already have stored in your medical records.

In the early stages of pregnancy, particularly if it was caused by stimulation drugs or IVF, record and monitor levels of the hormone hCG. In the first month of fetal development is the most important indicator. Get a table of normal values ​​for that hCG laboratory where you rent analyzes. It can give you a doctor or a nurse. If the level of the hormone is growing too slowly, it could mean the threat of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. In this case, consult a doctor.

Weigh yourself regularly and the data was entered in the diary. In the first 12 weeks on the background toxicosis you can even lose some weight. This is normal due to the changes in the body. In the future, make sure that the weight was typed too fast. If you notice a significant increase in within one to two weeks, on guard. This may be a sign of gestational diabetes. Visit your doctor, and before that, try to limit yourself in the consumption of sugar and saturated fat. Eat more vegetables, cooked dishes and salads go from mayonnaise to vegetable oil.

Write down important events such as the first stirring of the child. It may not have medical value, but later you may be pleasing to these stored memories.

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