How to avoid mistakes when choosing the hospital

How to avoid mistakes when choosing the hospital
 Childbirth - the biggest event in the life of a woman. Therefore, the choice of the hospital should be taken very seriously. According to statistics, only 15-20% of pregnant women choose hospital on proximity to home.

The choice of the hospital - a question that should take care as soon as possible. Especially responsible expectant mothers even before noticeable tummy already know where and with whom will give birth. Others lay the matter to obtain birth certificate and exchange cards. In any case, the best time to make that decision, and you will save yourself from running in the last weeks and sudden birth in the nearest hospital to rescue brigade.

If you live in the capital or a large city, still the question of the location of the hospital will be very important to you, especially if you are not the first birth. Choose a hospital in your county or area, or at least in the nearby. Rapid deliveries are not so rare - there is a risk to give birth to the baby in the ambulance got stuck in a traffic jam.

Great if you and your husband have chosen partnerships birth. In this case, you will not suit every hospital. Find out what hospitals exist separate generic boxes instead of total prenatal room where a few women give birth together.

Chamber with rooming-in mother and baby do not exist in every hospital. If you want to part with their newborn from the first minute, and the best way to establish breastfeeding, select only the hospital, which is equipped with such chambers. There is the hospital that offers free chamber "Mother and Child", however, in such houses will immediately 2-3 mothers with their babies.

Pay attention to the modern hospital. The presence of ICU, pediatric intensive care is particularly important for moms, pregnancy which occurs with complications and possible premature birth. Maybe you should choose a hospital that specializes in premature babies. Even if you give birth in time, you will not be disappointed specialists and equipping the hospital.

Often pregnant women choose a doctor, not a hospital, formalizing an agreement. In this case, the expert will be watching her before and after childbirth, and agrees to come to the birth, even at night. This is a good option, however, in this case, you can not select technical and personal equipment of the hospital and come back to where does your obstetrician-gynecologist.

If you are gentle lady and accustomed to comfort, evaluate domestic state of the hospital, number of toilets and bidets, the existence of separate chambers with shower, kitchenette, TV. It is also important that the individual chambers are allowed unlimited access to puerperal husband and family. Perhaps you will only fit this option.

And most importantly - do not forget the positive attitude before delivery. There are women who remain dissatisfied, even paying for the most expensive generic contract. Others safely give birth to a stranger in a doctor near the hospital. It all depends on you, and only you can decide what to do - to find fault and write a claim or enjoy a long-awaited meeting with the baby!

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