Sex during pregnancy: the myths and prejudices

Sex during pregnancy: the myths and prejudices
 Safe sex during pregnancy is concerned, most of the parents. Since this condition is accepted in society treated as a disease, there are many prejudices about sex during pregnancy. In fact, it's not as scary as it may seem.

The first myth: a woman during pregnancy do not want to have sex.

This may be true for the first trimester, since at this time there are hormonal adjustment of the body. Because of them, there toxicosis, rejection odors. It happens that the beloved seems repulsive. All these problems are closer to the second trimester. The desire in this period may even increase due to blood flow in the pelvic area.

The second myth: a man can harm the baby during sexual intercourse.

Child in the belly of my mother, protected from external influences much safer than it seems at first glance. In addition, the uterus mom protective role, the fetus is formed around the amniotic sac containing the amniotic fluid, mitigating any external influence. Thus, harm the baby during sex is difficult.

Myth three: sex can lead to premature birth.

During orgasm in blood hormone oxytocin is released, which, inter alia, causes contractions of the uterus. But this can not lead to premature birth if the pregnancy proceeds without the threat of interruption. On the contrary, this training has a positive effect on future generations, preparing the uterus to work. When before delivery, there is very little time, sex can already slightly closer onset of labor. Also contained in the sperm prostaglandins soften the cervix to facilitate childbirth in its disclosure.

When sex is not recommended?

• With the threat of termination of pregnancy.
• If placenta previa.
• If you have a sexually transmitted disease in a partner or an exacerbation of genital herpes.
• When habitual miscarriage.
• If leakage of amniotic fluid.

Closer to the third trimester belly already creates some inconvenience, so you have to limit the use of certain postures in sex. Also, doctors do not recommend to engage in cunnilingus, combined with the stimulation of the vagina. In addition, it is very dangerous to have sex with new partners, as any genital infections can pose a great risk to the fetus.

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