Where are you, a soul mate?

Where are you, a soul mate?
 Man dreams - what is it? Surprisingly, very often a woman can not describe in words the ideal. But psychologists say that visualization - crisp and clear picture of the desired partner, will meet the same one single man. So before you embark on a quest for personal happiness, it is necessary to understand what it is all about.
 Step 1. Rely on paper. This simple exercise really helps fulfillment of desires! Take a blank sheet of paper, a pen and try to describe a man with whom want to live life. Start with the exterior: high or medium height, full or thin, blonde or brunette. The description should be as detailed, so try to think about the image in detail. Then pay attention to the personal qualities of his ideal: a chatterbox or, conversely, of few words, the soul of the company or a homebody, impulsive, or prefers to think carefully about their decisions. That he had in the first place: family or career? Will he try to achieve material prosperity, or prefer to spend as much time with you and the kids?

Step 2. Describe the anti-ideal. Now think about what you would not have to put up in a relationship. Do not limit the list of alcohol, betrayals and physical violence. Pay close attention to detail, traits and habits with which you will be hard to get along. Slovenly, greedy, or, conversely, too wasteful, rude, and so on. D. Think of all that you did not like in the former partners, and make a list. This "cheat sheet" to help you immediately cut off unsuitable candidates on hand and heart. Indeed, in the heat of passion inherent beginning of a relationship, there is a risk to ignore the "alarm bells". So the frustration and pain of another separation will be much stronger.

Step 3: The ideal woman. Agree, the man of your dreams need a suitable lover. Try to imagine what it is? Well-groomed, smart, well-read, held professionally or aimed at creating a strong family? Surely in this list will prevail positive characteristics. Compare the portrait with himself. There are slight differences? Well, it's time to take himself in hand. Join a gym or pool, get yourself an interesting hobby, start to attend courses in a foreign language. Firstly, you can freshen up, become more confident and attractive. Secondly, met a lot of interesting men. It is possible that among them, and you will find someone who matches your ideal.

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