We exchanged at pubs?

We exchanged at pubs?
 Men are absolutely sure that this woman's cry from the heart will certainly need to hear any representative of the male, who moved to the level of a serious relationship. They complain that women encroach on the most sacred thing a man - on male friendship.

These accusations have some merit, since there are few women who would have liked that the time during which they could be together, man prefers to spend with friends, even if not in the pub, and football, fishing, or where -nibud yet. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. But what qualities should have a friends husband to wife could call them, if not good, then at least tolerant to the husband had not heard such a phrase from his wife: "I have traded on pubs?"

First of all, these friends must be paired and positively accept the idea of ​​spending free time together, that is families. In addition, they must respect your female occupations and hobbies. This, in turn, means that the friends of the husband must be responsive to your request to hold a family evening watching your favorite melodrama and not drag at this time where your favorite whatsoever from home.

During your quarrels with her husband, they in no case should not speak ill of you, on the contrary, they can suggest the right solution to the strife ended as soon as possible. For example, to invite him to march with you to the nearest jewelry store. Very useful if friends husband periodically remind him about what you treasure and how he was lucky in life.

You can still long enough to talk about how in the representation of women has to be a friend of her husband, but the general line of thought is clear: the main advantage of this imaginary friend that he scrambles to save your marriage, maybe even to the detriment of their interests .

What is called an imaginary friend, does not mean that it can not exist in reality. After all, a lot depends on how the man is positioning his friends in the eyes of the woman he loved. Agree that the details of the lives of his friends, she learns from him, so maybe you should not talk about their adventures or quarrels with their wives, but rather to hold some of the information that will put them in a negative light?

But the positive of your friends will help to make them a different opinion, and this means that a woman is much calmer will look at your appointments in the company of men, especially if you periodically will remember about her desires.

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