Unequal wages

Unequal wages
 Since ancient times, was as follows: the obligation to support the family lying on her husband. Women are given the role of housewife and upbringing of the children. In other circumstances, it is also not forbidden to contribute to the family cash, but only in ways that society is seen to be affordable, with appropriate for the fairer sex, for example, to give music lessons, sew or knit to order. Earn something "serious" - it is bordered on the "shock basis." And also considered a disgrace to her husband, who failed to provide for his family properly.

Of course, times have changed. What was once considered inappropriate, indecent, now nobody will be surprised and shocked. Anyway, in those countries where gender equality - not an empty phrase. And just as it is considered quite natural that women often earn more than men. In the end, that is what many generations of women have fought!

All is good, but ... There is a viper saying: "For that fought for it and ran! "Emancipation, financial independence, especially - financial supremacy of the weaker sex has led to the degradation of the traditional institution of the family. Especially if the wife earns much more than her husband. Like it or not, the man who lives at the expense of women in fact, can not be considered a full-fledged. Relentless statistics shows that families where the "first violin" in financial matters plays a wife, as a rule, sooner or later fall.

Moreover, successful, accomplished woman often alone! First, while it makes a career, laid the foundation of your financial well-being, less ambitious peers arranged privacy, leading to the altar of potential suitors. Secondly, having reached a certain level, she becomes much more legible. Former Cavaliers are no longer satisfied her: after all queries become more serious! A few years imperceptibly fly, and increasingly comes bitter thought: well, why am I still alone? More precisely, gigolos, winding around - more than enough, and the "prince on a white horse" still no.

Many feminists with perseverance worthy of a better, even then only see the sexism: men do not want to enter into marriage with an accomplished woman! They can not bear the thought that a woman may in some exceed them! In reality, of course, causes a deeper and more serious.

With the physiology and psychology is useless to fight. From time immemorial the principal earner and, accordingly, the head of the family was a man. The historical memory of many generations, the established way of life, customs and traditions - all this without dropping overnight. And whether it is necessary to discard? Maybe it would be better if the modern business woman can inspire a man to "storm" ever new heights? Including - financial.

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