To love in Russian

To love in Russian
 An objective assessment of the sexually active population of a country is problematic - even filling in the questionnaire, people do not write the correct information, exaggerating, especially their self-esteem. In recent time, such information has become possible to obtain the voluntary consent of the respondents on the use of "truth serum." The results of research are not very encouraging.

It turned out that the intimate life of people in Russia are not very diverse and has a high activity. These low figures in the first place, is not well reflected in women's health, both mental and physical.

It turned out that in the age group from 33 to 43 years, almost 25% of women at all costs without sex, it is mainly those who had not been married and those who are divorced. In men aged 30 to 40 years, the figure is 18%. At the same time they are heterosexual, but occasionally engaged in self-satisfaction.

Even sadder qualitative component of intimate relationships. According to studies, more than a third of women to 35 years have never experienced an orgasm, and 25% experience it sporadically or not at all rare.

Sex life in Russia is no different frequency and diversity. Comparing US and European indices, the researchers found that in Russia they are lower. Of the 100 couples in the US state of Philadelphia, have been married for more than 5 years, along with the genital, oral sex practiced by 80% of couples, anal - 60%. In Los Angeles, these figures are even higher.

Russian couple from among more than a year living with a regular partner, practicing oral sex only in 30% of cases, anal - 10% and only 3% of married couples are more or less regularly use cunnilingus as a preliminary intimate caresses. So sexy backwardness and prejudice do not allow women to obtain full enjoyment of sexual intimacy with her beloved man.

Poses that Russians used, also not a great variety, and the older the woman, the more they feel awkward in bed and the less poses in sex they know into practice. I am glad that a cohort of 20 to 30 years, much more inventive in bed, this also applies to men.

Russian men and women need to learn to relax and stop complexes. Limiting themselves, not listening and not fulfilling the wishes of the partner, they deprive themselves of the pleasure that can be achieved by extending the range of sexual attitudes and postures. This diversity allows maintaining libido in tone, and, therefore, allows to prolong youth and life.

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