Terms of healthy love

Terms of healthy love
 Prospective relationship - a relationship that promise sustainability, stability, and at the same time, bringing joy to both partners. Such a relationship can only be based on the rules of the so-called "healthy love", which highlights the American psychologist Tracy Cabot.

1. Two people who love each other should be all good. If you feel that life is getting worse, and you pull each other down - this is a bad sign. In the end, this relationship will end break.

2. Love can not be bought. If you do, do not assume that your expenses will be paid back.

3. Do not provoke jealousy consciously. Most people are so inclined to be jealous. By doing this, you run the risk of severely burned.

4. In healthy love relationships, both partners are equally dependent on each other.

5. The person who truly loves, will not require a partner evidence reciprocal feeling. He is inclined to do it myself.

6. Do not try to change the partner. If you want to see in a partner of another person, do not forget that, perhaps, this new person does not want to be with you.

7. A person who is highly exposed to the doldrums, it is very difficult to love. After all, love should bring only happiness and peace.

8. Women do not like men suffer. Men just do not like the hysteric and unpredictable woman. Uncertainty kills feelings and shakes nerves.

9. The rapidly erupted feelings as quickly fade.

10. If your partner used to mistreat you, fix it will be very difficult.

11. Do not make the actions that require a lot of effort, cost, and your unbridled interest. This is not appreciated or second partner or depreciates very quickly.

12. As a general rule, the partners feel comfortable together if the same social status, life values ​​and priorities.

If at the initial stage of building relationships you realize that one or more rules are violated partner, their best finish, as long as you do not become dependent on the long-awaited, but at the same time obviously hopeless feelings.

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