Tabula rasa, or a new romance with the past

Tabula rasa, or a new romance with the past
 How often break off relations with a man, a woman gives a vow: firmly and irrevocably delete it from life! Especially if there was a gap in his wine, and was very painful, for example, in the case of adultery. She sincerely wants to erase the memory of this man, and can not. Moreover, it happens: a woman with embarrassment, irritation and even horror feels her again irresistibly drawn to him!

She suffers because of this very real mental torment. Trying to "pull themselves together". Asks the assistance of folk wisdom, like the saying: "You can not step twice into the same water! "Infinitely repeats himself:" He is not worthy of me! He - deceitful, treacherous, he can not be trusted! "And all in vain. The more she berates her former lover, the irrepressible want to start their romance again. And sometimes it really is the case.

How Come? What is the reason? And can once again begin to end the novel with something good?

Of course, the average woman "softer" kind man. Certain exceptions do not change this general rule. It is more emotional, can quickly and easily break out, and said too much offensively, but quickly departs. And, as a rule, are much more likely to feel guilt, torment himself with remorse. Very often, even when a break is really to blame but man, she is looking for and share their own guilt, reaching sometimes literally to "self-destruction".

In addition, a woman hard to bear alone. She simply must at least sometimes feel weak, helpless. She wants to close was a strong man who always listen, soothe, support, protection. There are exceptions as a staunch feminist or just too independent women, but the general rule is that. And when held for some time, when the first dull, the most stinging and painful resentment, she finds herself thinking, but because they have all been so good! If not for this unfortunate accident. So, perhaps, to be generous, to forgive, to believe? After all, he probably also going through suffering.

Also do not forget that women and men since time immemorial raised differently. And the relationship to quarrels, conflicts, especially since changed, they've always been different. If a male betrayal of his beloved (even if they are not officially married) was considered not only a disaster but also a shame that a woman is no shame there was not. She could feel offended, insulted, deeply unhappy, but not disgraced! Therefore it psychologically easier to forgive infidelity.

That is sometimes extinguished novel begins again. And how it will end? No one can predict in advance. Maybe it's for the better?

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