Psychology of love

Psychology of love
 Many generations of people are trying to find an answer to the question "What is love? ". During this time it was not possible to give a precise definition of this feeling. Perhaps the point is that each person has his own idea of ​​this concept, each person differently experiencing love. Someone violently and openly express their feelings to the object of his adoration, and someone praises his object of love without exposing their feelings to show. But may still have some common features and principles of love?

Some scholars, and ordinary people who believe that love does not exist, but there is a certain set of chemical reactions in the body, due to which we feel happy, happy, it seems to us that the world is to paint with all the colors of the rainbow. This statement is not unfounded. During this period, the human body produces endorphins begin intensively, adrenaline, serotonin increases. Thanks to these substances and people experiencing excited state during the love.

Over time, the production of these hormones is reduced, and the place of sweet and tender feeling and emotion comes common calculation. That is why at this time many couples break up, because now partners notice not only the dignity of each other, but also disadvantages. And sometimes they are so large that put up with them no opportunity.

There is also included in the work is also a psychological factor. From early childhood, almost all people, especially girls, dreaming about the relationship, which will reign eternal love and understanding. When this happens, there comes disappointment. So do not get too dream on the theme of love, the reality is often radically different from our ideas. Than a real person understands that he can bring that feeling, the better the awkward relationship.

For those couples who stay together, come to the fore other criteria relationship: affection, respect, understanding, shared plans for the future and raise children together. Some are retained and passion, and tenderness to each other, and a desire to know your partner, as in the early dating.

There is a category of citizens who claim that they can not love at all. But this feeling is absolutely subject to all people. Another thing is that every love is manifested in different ways, each person has the object or the object to which he feels affection. After all, this feeling does not have to be directed to the representative of the opposite sex. There is a mother's love, the love of children to their parents, between brothers and sisters, love for his work, etc.

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