Peaceful coexistence with man

Peaceful coexistence with man
 You have long tried to find the man of her dreams, have made a lot of effort: watching her figure and replenish the wardrobe, evolved as a person and become stronger. And you met your prince, you are happy, but it takes a little time, and begin to arise various problems. How to be in this situation? How to coexist with a man?
 In this case it is necessary to turn to psychology. First of all, remember that a man and a woman - it's completely different creations of nature. You often resented him because he does not listen? But men are by nature reticent, closed and little emotional. They are accustomed to speak only in the case, a variety of little things they just do not care. Therefore, instead of rolling up another scandal in the absence of his attention, better to just not say anything, and you can talk and with his beloved girlfriend, so she understands you like no other.

As for life, then there is a huge role played by his family. Try to create for him the most comfortable conditions. Of course, you still will not be able to care for him as it did his mother, but worth to try. Find out what kind of food he likes, and learn how to cook these dishes. Keep the house.

Every man is very important to feel needed. Do not hesitate to resort to his help. The slightest please open a jar or hang new shelf will give him pleasure and improve your mood.

If you do not get enough attention, and you decide to make a loved one to be jealous, you made a big mistake. Jealousy can only destroy a relationship and not cause a warm feeling. PLANT foreign novels too, should not, as most men can not forgive betrayal, and even if she did not exist, you can not believe it. So your simple desire to annoy him a little can result in complete failure.

Special situation in this case is the time of birth. You have to understand that for a man child is associated with excessive liability. Feeling vulnerable, the young dad starts to panic. He tries to minimize contact with the child. And then you have to be wise and give him a little time to reconcile with him. Believe me, he is sure to appreciate it and after a while he pulled with all his heart to the baby and you.

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