My Perfect Love

My Perfect Love
 Many romance firmly believe that their lives have to be a miracle, which is called the ideal love. This sense of light may occur only once in life, and may not appear at all. And some romance constantly strive for the unattainable love, feeling that she can give happiness.

Typically, such objects are unattainable ideal love those with whom people do not even know. This can be an actor, film images which conquered once and for all. Or singer, whose voice in so easy to fall in love. Or even the distant image of the hero of the book.

The perfect love and perfect because that its object is presented to you exclusively in a positive light. After all, you do not see it every day at home, do not make trouble with him on issues of home, do not erase his underwear. Every meeting with him - a holiday, because you can only see it on television, magazine pages.

And in the evening before going to bed nice to dream about him and how could look like your introduction and further development of relations. All this is pleasant and lovely. Yet there is a danger that a man resembling an ideal hero in real life to find and will not work.

You can search for a partner for life. You will unconsciously compare all potential candidates to partner with its ideal and ... disappointed. After all modeled in dreams never ideal in kind not occur in the real world.

It is best to try to understand what your ideal love - it's just invented image. Even if he is such a unique and beautiful, and there are on-screen world. But, having become acquainted with it, you would have a little disappointed.

Yet far more productive searches that love will, if you try to look not ideal among ordinary people, and in particular the features of the ideal man. Look, observe, analyze, what drew you to this person. And there are the first signs of feeling.

Alas, the world is not perfect - it is known to all. And if you can meet someone who at least as close to some of your ideas about the unique invented love, it is a very great success. Try not to miss the real happiness because of the invented image.

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