Men and gifts - incompatible?

Men and gifts - incompatible?
 Sometimes women complain that men are, firstly, do not remember the holiday dates, and secondly, a forgotten these days to make gifts or give something completely wrong! One bitterly complains that her husband gave her the very perfume, fragrance which she can not stand, the other - that her husband gave a huge box of chocolates (mocks, because she is on a diet). The list is endless. Ladies are genuinely trying to understand how this is possible? And do not get the answer, do the sad conclusion: whether the vast majority of men frankly stupid, or love long gone.

The thing is that men and women are completely different views and respond to the same things! Take, for instance, the same holidays and gifts. No matter how abused ladies stronger sex, but the most important dates related to their family (wedding day, birthdays, wife and children) firmly in mind if not all men, the vast majority. The same applies to the day of the 8th of March. It is very doubtful that they forgot to congratulate the ladies these days! So what's the deal?

Maybe it is simply the concept of "holiday" for men and women different? The weaker sex by nature much more emotional and sentimental. Ladies are able to raise to the rank of a holiday is not only the above reasons, but also to any event that seems important to them: first date, marriage proposal, first tooth, cut the child, etc. etc. Naturally, they expect the same of men, not realizing that miracles happen very rarely.

As for the gifts. Ladies, understand and remember that your husbands are very eager to make you comfortable, but everything to do with perfumes, cosmetics, ladies' hygiene for 99% of men - dark wood! They do not understand this and do not want to understand. And in general, for many men need to wrestle with solving: "So what does she give? "- Is a real torture.

You want them to guess yourself? Imagine men also sometimes want to give them a beloved guessed, say, spinning. But just the way it! And not just "krasivenko"! There is great probability that you will overshadow insight, and you yourself, without prompting select the appropriate model spinning?

So do not hope for a miracle, and advance hint beloved, what you would like to receive as a gift. At the same time try to hint was as specific as possible. Believe me, so all will be better!

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