Loneliness: looking for reasons

Loneliness: looking for reasons
 That's how it is - young, beautiful, and a promising one .... All friends have firmly married, relatives tortured questions about his personal life and oblique views, and all the Prince is not on the horizon. Why did not find a soul mate? The answer should look inward.  

Habit. Ironically, one reason alone - it is solitude. The fact that the human brain gets used to certain patterns of behavior. So, if a girl has long been in a relationship, then after breaking fast enough to find a new partner, because subconsciously it will seek to return to the traditional way of life. But if you live by yourself is not the first year, to meet "the very" will be much harder. The best way to change the template - it's flirting. No non-binding, it will help you remember how to build contact with men, and again feel particularly desirable.

Caseloads. If you are fixated on achieving career heights or school, spending most of the time dealing with personal work tasks and reading textbooks, the probability of finding a mate tends to zero. Try to set priorities, as family life is just as important as professional relevance. Do not take on too much, sitting up late at the office, it is better to select friends in a cafe or club.

Self-doubt. If you prefer modestly parties sit in the corner, too shy to go to the dance floor and do not feel very comfortable, the cause of your loneliness - a low self-esteem. To remedy the situation, it is necessary first of all to learn to appreciate themselves and believe in their own attractiveness. Each morning starts with a compliment yourself and a reminder of their own beauty and sexuality. Write down on a piece of paper all its positive qualities, the benefits and skills. When you feel fit again uncertainty and doubt - re-read this list.

Excessive frankness. It so happens that men disappear one by one after the first date. It is worth remembering that the stronger sex - not friends, so do not confide in an hour after they met, blurting details of his life. Leaving some innuendo, you motivate a potential partner in the next meeting. Also, avoid talking about shopping, weight loss, especially women's physiology and former men - hardly your elect interested in the topic.

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