Know how to properly give up!

Know how to properly give up!
 Unfortunately, the love between husband and wife sometimes dries up, leaving behind the habit, friendship, mutual respect. In the worst case, making a life together in the flour, and former lovers into sworn enemies. Sometimes the loss of feeling is not so tragic, but the separation is still inevitable.

Realizing the collapse of the alliance with your chosen one, be prepared to explain the person with whom you are associated long-term relationships. He has the right to know the cause of rupture. And then, no matter how much it hurt, be consistent in their actions and, going, going. Do not promise friendships, avoid contact with his former partner, not to reopen his soul with false hopes.

Are you initiated the divorce or leave you, in any case, this thorny path must and can go in a civilized. Smoothing out the rough edges and avoiding open confrontation you, one way or another, will remain in the win. Your resistance finds a traitor by surprise, will cause confusion and make him rush in your choice. And perhaps in the future regret his hasty departure. It is known that our memory is sewn with gold thread and saves only sweet memories, ruthlessly destroying hostility and frustration. Therefore, if a partner leaves you, try to keep the brand. Do not cry, do not beg him not insult. Gather into a fist will, dignified and calm as possible help to collect things, not to find out the reasons for leaving and not try something finish saying goodbye, do not promise to rectify the situation and return the departing train. It's pointless. Unleash emotions only after the door slammed shut in a past life. And get rid of all the memories, clear away photos and gifts, make repairs in the apartment or change wardrobe. As time passes and heal your wounds. There will come a new day and a new meeting will bring the joy of being. 

Will be least painful separation between people who both have lost interest in each other. In this case, the important thing is not to delay the campaign to the registrar, not to extend the agony of the dying hopeless marriage. Any obstacles, whether common children, joint property or business will not be able to return the former affection, trust and understanding.

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