Jealous, it means love?

Jealous, it means love?
 On the nature of jealousy Much has been said, and its relationship with the love has always been apparent. And whether it is the tragic story of the Moor Othello, or any modern teleepopeya jealousy in them is seen as an integral part of a love relationship. But is these two concepts are inseparable - quite controversial issue.

And indeed, if we arbitrarily assume that love without jealousy is impossible, it is possible to jealousy without love? After analyzing this difficult subject, it can be concluded that many people and in fact tend to feel jealous feelings, not relying on the love and fervent passion. Quite often the cause of jealousy can become ordinary, common to most people, self-esteem. And when its over-expression, feeling aggrieved dignity becomes exaggerated when any hint or shade perceived as a personal insult.

But even if you do not talk about boiling the resin, "Brazilian" passions, leading to universal scandals and bityu chinaware, then at the very least a modest pride exhibited by quite capable of generating a sense of jealousy, even if the couple does not bind the strong love. Consciousness itself that partner can genuinely interested in each person can become a stumbling block in any prosperous, in general, and friendly relations.

Another powerful factor in the birth of jealousy can be a sense of possessiveness that is common to all people without exception, and in particular, to be honest, the stronger sex. And then it becomes quite understandable why sometimes quite indifferent husband shows violent jealousy towards his wife, personality and beauty of which he is no longer interested. But quite indiscreet eyes, eat, in his opinion, the charms of his wife hateful long as jealousy scary monster wakes up and attacks nor innocent perpetrators of this righteous anger.

Furthermore, the nature of jealousy often lies in its own set of the most jealous that, do not be confident, throws his dissatisfaction with himself and the associated irritation to the partner, behaving, however, quite decent and modest.

Thus, attacks of causeless jealousy is not necessarily a sign of passionate love, and before making explicit reasons, it is worth reflecting on what feelings prevail in a relationship, you do not accidentally turn against him as his weapon.

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