How to make a man happy

How to make a man happy
 How do you want that a loved one near you to be happy! To learn how to make a man happy, written many books and photographed countless TV shows. But no single formula for all so still to be found. Although there are a few rules under which bestow her lover is quite possible.  
 Of the women who do not know that even the most solid and rigorous men never grow up and remain in the soul eternal boys? Known to many, but the use of this knowledge is very rare. The boys love new toys, gifts, delicious food, fun girls, and of course, adventure.

Give gifts

Older than the boy, the more he toys. This is only partly true. If you can not give your loved one a private jet, buy him a toy helicopter radio control. About this, he dreamed of the sixth to ninth grade. About what you said once in a fit of candor. He and appreciate your concern, and your humor. After all, men are sentimental.

Give your loved often small gifts. Business card holder, tie, subscription to jump with a parachute or a bottle of Japanese beer cheer up a long time, and not only men, but also to you. After giving gifts even nicer than receiving.

Learn to cook his favorite dishes

Even if you hate to cook, and your man do not mind dining in restaurants, learn to do at least a couple of dishes. And sometimes, when the beloved is not in the spirit or upset, it's easy to cheer him up, and prepare his favorite apple pie.

Do not be boring

Even Miss Universe will be left alone if it is to sit at a party with a sad face. Allow yourself to forget even for a while about all the problems and affairs. Fun is contagious. If you are happy and satisfied with life, then your man will catch that mindset.

Take part in adventures together

Your man is a long time extreme sport or each spring floated down the mountain rivers on a rubber raft? Or maybe he can not live without ice fishing? That'S Great! Ask him to teach you this exciting venture. After the initial surprise and disbelief he gladly share with you all the secrets and even be proud of your progress. My favorite would be happy that you like the same thing to him. Just do not pretend. Better come up with a new adventure for two, than to break yourself and take a sedative before each river rafting.

As you can see, is not so difficult to make a man happy, if you add a little bit of imagination, forget about sloth and give vent to his feelings. After all, happiness where love.

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