Holiday romance will bring to no good

Holiday romance will bring to no good
 As a rule, we are going on vacation in advance, anticipating for weeks forthcoming journey, picking up beautiful clothes and spending more time in the fitness club. And then came the long-awaited vacation. Sun, sea, flowers and carelessness. Do not fall in love with such an atmosphere is very difficult!

The resort has everything to romance. Girls in bikinis, tanned beauties around, and from the views of interested to storms of passion - just a couple of steps. Many vacationers catch the pool with his head, not thinking about the consequences. However, a holiday romance could end very badly if you do not follow some of the recommendations and safety precautions.

In countries, popular among Russian tourists (Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Greece), cheating gullible and amorous Russian girls have put on stream. But, in spite of numerous publications in the media and victims of caution, the girls still hoping that their novel - an exception.

Everything happens for a standard scheme. Relaxed tourist twists affair with the local macho man who just a day begins to swear his love to her, watch her room and fill up with compliments. Survive under such pressure difficult. But after a while tanned handsome reports that he had problems in business (mother dies, is seriously ill sister, etc.) and asks for his "beloved" money. "In the debt." More often than not, then no money, no Woman no longer see.

Sometimes it takes a more serious turn: gigolo releases a tourist home, but begins to call and beg for his arrival. In the end, it all ends far more serious waste of her. Often these men have long been married and have a bunch of kids who need to be fed. At the expense of unsuspecting girls, of course.

But sometimes we are not talking about the local Alphonse. She just fell in love with one of the tourists. The relaxed atmosphere is deceptive, and the girl it seems that here it is, in love forever. However, in most cases it is not. "Love" returned to the familiar environment, and the old passion fade. Such stories do not maintain any distance, no time, no settled each household. Exceptions, of course, there are, but they are - units per million.

Anyway, on vacation, no one calls to be cold and restrained. Just do not forget the basic rules of safety: do not abuse alcohol, avoid unfamiliar companies and eliminate unprotected sex. And treat holiday novels as sweet adventure that ends with traveling.

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