Holiday romance: a plant or not?

Holiday romance: a plant or not?
 Holiday romance happens so often nowadays that for some it has become a kind of fetish, something like entertainment, flavored curiosity, interest and endless passion. That's just to answer the question "Does a holiday romance continuation or will remain your pleasant memory?" Is not so easy. Sometimes it ends in marriage, but most of all - an illusion, which sooner or later go away. Not for nothing that this novel called resort.

It is believed that a holiday romance - it is the prerogative of very strong people who know what they want and know how to cope with their own emotions. This passion usually occurs on the basis of the warm sea, appropriate environment, pleasant atmosphere, and usually short-lived. You come home from vacation leave, do the work, and life absorbs all. And those tender feelings that arose in the resort you eventually forget and do not seem to have such tender.

Men in this regard is much easier and simpler. After all, it is no secret that any relationship to them begins and ends pretty quickly and easily. And start something new presents no problems. Another thing women. Most of them are very hard to tolerate love breaks, surviving and mourning his loss. But it must be said that there is another category of women, a holiday romance which is perceived as a short and exciting adventure. So easy to digest and forget everything. And many of these women even regret that they have such a passion never on vacation does not arise.

And if you are at home waiting for someone, and you chase the thrill? It is generally impossible. What kind of relationship can give what they can teach you. Well, if only to prove once again that you are not worthy of your loved one who was waiting for you at home, at the time, while you enjoy a pleasant socializing with other people.

Start a holiday romance or not - you decide. If you are willing to accept hopeless relationship and just want to have a good time on vacation, and then everything as quickly and safely forget, then why not. Everything else, if you believe in fate or good outcome of your relationship at the resort, there is nothing stopping you from starting a new acquaintance with a possible happy ending. If you are already married or are married, do not try that same fate, or to cause excruciating pain to their loved ones.

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