He and my pounds

He and my pounds
 Like it or not, but the fact that man loves his eyes, has long been a proven fact, as in other matters, and what a woman likes ears. I would like not to find out who is better: thin or thick, brunette, blonde or red. But we must accept the fact accomplished, that slender, well-groomed woman more attractive thick in curlers and a bathrobe.

And even if you stout after childbirth, it is unlikely to be a good settings of your laziness. You spared no effort and energy that would give birth to a healthy child, went to the gym, followed the advice of doctors and eat right, even smoking quit! That's willpower! You can feel free to be proud of.

So why is it now easier for you to give up on her hand and quietly justify the lack of time, fatigue, and still do not know what? Why do not you want to make an effort and put in order the figure?

Yes, it is possible that you will be able to maintain a good relationship and love, even after losing the visual appeal, but science is not yet clearly proven. But in practice proved that fat wives, oh, how often changed to thin.

And how would you not want that man to love you any: thin or thick, it does not matter, the main thing that he loved you! But, alas, yet you can not change the world men's minds, so only put himself in order that would please him again look shapely forms.

So instead of complaining about her friends, start to care for themselves already now.
Here are some practical tips:
Eat more fish and try to give up meat, because there are more toxic substances. Fish on the contrary, contains a lot of useful micro and macro, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine.

Indulge in the pleasure to continue to eat healthy food: in your diet must include carbohydrates and protein. Forget about white bread, pastry and sugar, it is better to eat fruits, vegetables, low-fat cheese, yogurt, cereals and eggs.

Every week you can arrange fasting days: drink plenty of fluids, it is best if it is plain water and eat fruit. Not sure that you can give up the chocolate and sweets? Make sure that these products would appear neither in your refrigerator.

Well, of course, plenty of activity! Let your morning exercise becomes a habit. And, of course, do not forget to enjoy your even the most modest success, it's just the beginning!

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