"Female Logic" or "Logically, a man does not understand"

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 The existence of "female logic" stronger sex with persistence proves more than one century. Even Ivan Turgenev wrote and thought that "a man can say that two plus two is not four, five, or three and a half, and the woman will say that two plus two - stearic candle." Yes, the difference in male and female thinking is. And all because the lady live emotions and almost always act according to their own sense of "correctness".
 It is only men think that women's logic does not make sense. However, in most cases, after hearing lengthy, sometimes confusing explanation can be deduced mature enough thought. Just the stronger sex prefers specific questions and simple answers, and the girls are trying to explain the cause and effect and then summarize. And it's not good or bad. This should be taken as a given, and not to expect from your favorite detailed account of how negotiations were held, and who said what and from beloved simple answer to the question: "Is Suitable to suit this tie? ".

The most difficult to account for partners during the debate. Since, by definition, the girl is always right, all the arguments given man, there a hundred counter-arguments. Therefore, to argue with the beloved is not worth it. In order not to injure the nervous system, you just need to agree to do as she wants. And then make adjustments to the process. Most women lose interest in the action, as soon as you realize that everything goes according to their rules. And some inconsistencies are simply not seen. Thus, everyone is happy, the world paired saved.

Understand and accept the person for who he is - the task of every loving partner. It is not necessary to alter the second half. It is better to look for compromises. If a girl, for example, wants the weekend relaxing in the spa, and fishing you prefer, choose a hotel on the lake, with a set of necessary services. So everyone's desire will be satisfied in a pair, the reason for quarrels will not.

Women are much more emotional than men. It is important to note, affection and tenderness rather than expensive gifts and millions in accounts. Men are not difficult to understand why favorite crying. Sometimes it is not necessary to delve into the details. Enough to hug and kiss mate. And she will tell you that it disturbs. And together, combining male and female logic to find a way out of the problem is much simpler.

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