Casual affair

Casual affair
 Most people probably took place in the life of a casual affair. We hide it from friends and relatives, he seemed short story.

Once again, the heart beats in the chest with inexplicable force and so thrills! This casual affair more disturbing consciousness. Awaken new feelings. Sometimes it is a casual affair can develop suddenly both into something more serious and long-lasting. However, many such novels end up at the very beginning. On the one hand, the feelings have not yet managed to reach the highest point, and thus will not experience too much, but on the other - this diversity and experience. Even if you do not take it seriously novel, do not forget about the feelings of partner relations. The next time your sincere and true feelings can take advantage of someone else, causing deep emotional wound. Yes, it is necessary to feel yourself in the place of the former partner or "in someone else's skin". It is worth noting that the casual short communication is least harmful to marriage. Causes of accidental novel can be both sexual frustration, and just implementation to the opportunity.

For many women, a romantic relationship - a drug that want to use. This is the female nature, she constantly needs attention, compliments, adoration. During even a casual romance she always important to feel the support chat "heart to heart", not to mention at this about his feelings. Romance helps to understand a girl (woman) her femininity.

These feelings bring people together, casual affair and relationship and remain fleeting memories and relationships at a distance.

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