Battle of the sexes: how to manage a man

Battle of the sexes: how to manage a man
 Many ladies think they can manipulate men and reached perfection in this art form. Alas, such errors are not uncommon. Those women who actually managed to unravel the secret and strategize control men are unlikely to admit it.

Men need to manage secretly and quietly - and this is the basic rule. Psychologists written many benefits drawn and recommendations are given specific advice - try every method it is not necessary. It is enough to sort out the details and reveal the essence - the basic rules.

Start with sincerity - that's your main competitive advantage. Man is always different affectedness and falsity can not immediately, but the result will be disastrous for you. Get real interest, rather, give it a try. And show the man that your attention sincerity and openness.

The next step - respect. Take his hobbies, interests and habits - no need to separate them if they are contrary to your own principles. Just take a man as he is. Express their opinions, but do not force it, and do not humiliate a man - he will never forgive you.

Attention - an important stage in the development of management skills men. Has signs of attention, give gifts, compliments. Be careful, sometimes your words can sound like a blatant flattery that may not like your man.

Accept his dignity in everything - the ability to hammer a nail to excellence in bed.

Take care of your man - he would surely appreciate it. Do not expect daily approval and praise you, he can do nothing to talk about. The best reward will be his stories to friends and colleagues about how well you prepare (sew, bake, knit), which certainly made and your ears.

Call pride in men in their appearance. Dress the way he likes, let him take the lead sometimes in choosing attire. Beautiful, well-groomed woman always attract attention, and if it is still able to meet the needs of men (as in sex, and at home), the man she could manage without much difficulty.

Maintain a man, his initiatives and ideas, praise, but do not be too emotional. Restraint, moderation and self-sufficiency will help you find your way to the heart, stomach and other parts of the one you love.

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