With sweet scold have yet to learn!

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 You saw him a dirty sock lying peacefully in the heart of the dining table. You type in a deep breath, open your mouth and already says: "Dear ..." suddenly stops halfway. Explain the way that he was slightly wrong, of course, necessary, but here's how to do it tactfully and without harm?

As strange as it sounds, too, need to be able to quarrel. Why? To the result of such an argument was not bad mood, jumped pressure and smashed furniture and constructive dialogue. Quarrels are of two types: the stormy scandals, shouting and swearing and so-called soul talks going a little more relaxed, but no less effective.

If you are passionate nature and prefer to solve all the problems of heart-rending shrieks, so here it is in your temperament. Try to calm down just a little and pay attention to how you react to similar showdown to your favorites. If he starts yelling at you in return, and then the two of you, vydohnuvshis, quietly sit down to dinner and watch TV - it is possible to change tactics and not worth it. There are people in the world who just need to throw out from time to time somewhere negative energy, so they scandals. If such behavior is not much to both of you prevent - relax and continue in the same spirit. Looks like you've found your perfect match. If your man is clearly uncomfortable, there is already worth thinking about. Maybe arrange dismantling a less aggressive form? Indeed, such behavior can achieve something once or twice, but the constant quarrels and scandals and smashing crockery and can serve as a reason for parting. Think about whether you need it.

Calmer personages typical of the conventional explanation of the relationship. Plates in the kitchen do not fly, cry either, but as you know, a very unpleasant conversation can have an even stronger effect than African passion. If you do not want to quarrel, but still feel that there are things that should be discussed seriously, because more can not continue, in any case not keep emotions in themselves. That is, to do this, of course, possible, but definitely no good it will not. If you do not discuss the problem, your man will never know that there is something that you are not satisfied with it and, therefore, will continue this was done every day. Resentment and discontent will accumulate and one day welling necessarily free. So take care of your nerves and time and discuss problems as they arrive.

One of the most important rules of the quarrel is perfect timing. If you feel that is about to explode with anger, and your husband is with temperature, having swallowed a sedative or barely on his feet after the party, gather courage in a fist and put the conversation for another time. Still nothing good you will not be able to achieve now, which is wasting his strength? Sometimes I feel like throw out everything that had accumulated. Think about what is the reason? Exhausting working day or a headache can often do deeds of our loved ones far more terrible in our eyes than they actually are. If you are in a fevered state, try to calm down: breathe deeply, close your eyes for a few seconds, drink valerian, at worst.

Do not go do not insult and do not forget where to start your quarrel. It often happens that they begin to argue about neglazhenoy shirt, and end up being a moron husband and wife - a jealous fool. Keep in mind the main theme of your conversation, because the goal - not to hurt each other, and find out the truth and try to reach a compromise.

Most importantly, after every conversation, even the most intense, finish it on a positive note. Put up is always nice. Tell your loved one how important it is for you and I'm sorry I had to pick a bad conversation. Remember, the main thing - your love. A sock in the end, and you can remove it.

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