What Color is Your Sex

What Color is Your Sex
 Psychologists can determine the mass of the features sitting in front of them a man, knowing his favorite color. With regard to this, and sex. Specialists was identified relationship between the favorite color and behavior of women in bed.
 People are constantly faced with flowers: some of them are like, some cause unpleasant emotions. Also, sex - all different. Someone like long caresses, while others can not wait, when the partner goes "to the case." It turns out that your favorite color is better to tell you the most about your preferences and help correct sex life.

If you prefer red and orange shades, you nature playful, sentimental and quite sociable. Sexually, you are welcome tomfoolery and playfulness. You do not get emotional wounds from laughing in bed and think that sex should be real fun. However, there are also disadvantages. Due to the frivolous attitude you can not always tune into getting really strong emotions. Make it so that the whole world has ceased to exist even for a moment, it is extremely difficult because of the constant mocking comments. Such an attitude can lead to problems that must be addressed. One option could be spontaneous and quick sex.

Lover purple differ dedication and sensuality. Sex for these women turns into a search for something new. They are attracted all unusual, previously unknown. The problem here may be that you are laying out at 100%, can give rise to doubts on the part of the partner, especially in the early days of the novel in the course will erotic toys. Solution may be slow and sensual sex in a pose that does not allow you to quickly bring to orgasm.

If you like green, then you are attentive, experienced and caring. The main thing in bed - the pleasure of men. Sometimes those who like green men moaning give birth to a lot more than their own. The difficulty arises from the fact that all your attention switches to the man, and you absolutely forget about yourself. To avoid such problems did not arise, take some sweet sauce or whipped cream and draw them track on his body. Let the man slizhet with you is a treat, and you will get an unforgettable pleasure.

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