We raise a man from the couch

We raise a man from the couch
 If you plot, coming home from work tired, one petition at home, and your man does not respond to the claims and requests for assistance from the look on your family relationships. Perhaps you are too spoiled it by taking care of all the problems.

In any case it is not necessary to put up with the constant idleness your husband. If your spouse spends all night on the couch, think about how you can change an unpleasant situation for you.

First you need to understand when a lover of men, ready for your first call to rush to the other end of the city, it has become a lazy and lack of initiative. Most often, the reason lies in the excessive desire to protect their spouses mate from domestic difficulties. And this is the wrong position. Need everything you need to do around the house together or assign responsibilities equally.

The man quickly gets used to the fact that there was nothing required, and the woman herself is easy to cope with all the difficulties. Therefore, they absolutely sincerely do not understand that they were wanted when suddenly after some time the wife needs help and attention, etc.

Do not criticize what is trying (albeit awkwardly, clumsily) to make a man with his own hands. Even if he hangs a picture on the wall crooked or poorly tiled, praise him and give thanks for the help. If you tell him that he has no ability to nothing, the next time he will not even try to do something.

Show him your feminine weakness and need for male power. After all, no matter how hard spouse alone to move a case or bring multiple full bags from the store, it is unlikely to be able to. Admire his strength, agility, courage.

Learn how to motivate wife for some initiative. For example, starting to repair the apartment, you can jointly consider the special magazines, choose building materials and interior, to discuss the color scheme in the room, etc.

To raise a man from the couch, you need to be interested in it. Hardly he enthusiastically accept your offer to go shopping. But to go on a picnic or fishing it, of course, agree. Find a common hobby for you.

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