They do not want a woman?

They do not want a woman?
 Woman by nature has been given a special sensibility. It allows the weaker sex giddy men get what they want in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, the fears and prejudices can paralyze this feeling, giving rise to many problems.  

Often, family problems related to the sexual life. According to statistics, every third woman suffers from fears associated with intimacy. Explain this man is very difficult.

Most often, a sense of insecurity in women occurs when the prospect looms before her to have sex with the lights on. Bright lighting makes any noticeable flaw saggy breasts, cellulite on the thighs, the lack of a pedicure, etc. The man, seeing the attitude of the beloved to his body, he begins to believe in its imperfection. As a result - disappointment, betrayal and separation. In order to avoid these problems is to change a bright light on flickering candles or red lamp.

Another cause of problems in the sexual life of the woman is the fear of getting pregnant. At the same time this feeling laid deep in the subconscious and does not give an opportunity to relax for a minute. In such a situation it is better to consult a specialist. Also, it is useful to talk to already laboring women who will talk about what a pleasure to keep her child in her arms.

In life, there are times when a man commented behavior and actions of women. As soon as she hears the request not to press too hard, or to be more careful, then begins to think of myself as a bad lover. In the future, such a woman would be difficult to persuade him to close. Try from time to time to remind his beloved that she is beautiful, sexy and totally satisfies his desires.

Pay attention to the fact that many women just do not like certain kinds of sex. Perhaps it confuses oral sex, anal or repels frightens more cruel attitude. It is not necessary to put pressure on his partner, forcing her to do certain things. As soon as she could trust her man, she could reconsider its attitude to everything going on.

Remember that between sexual partners should be honest and trusting relationship. The only way you will be able to overcome all the problems and develop their intimate life.

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