The secret of hunting men

The secret of hunting men
 According to you, hunting is a purely male occupation? Nothing of the sort! Today wins and only the strongest survive. Each lady, pubescent, know how sometimes hard to find the perfect man. It remains only to hunt and seek appropriate "victim"!

A major step in our hunt would be the right approach to the man. If you think the person did not know, but occasionally found in the hallway institution or on the street, it is desirable to be interested in something and cause a strong desire to get to know you better. Experimental man must seem that he drew attention to you first.

Start with the exterior. How could you not love your jeans, forget about them. Wear only eternally feminine flirty skirt or dress. Contrary to the opinion of fashion, somewhere deep in the soul of a man thinking about a woman in traditional dress. And no matter what her length. If you have really beautiful legs, stop for a mini, but if your main advantage is the bottomless eyes - quite come and maxi.

Makeup same should be applied sparingly - saved the war paint for the other cases. Forget about the blood-red lips and rainbow shades. Let the best man thinks you are by nature possess the delicate blush, peach skin and fluffy eyelashes.

So, after selecting the sexy dress or skirt, discreet make-up and, most importantly, having secured an open, friendly look, you can safely approach the "victim". Perhaps a man do not even know what befell him happiness, or just have not decided on the first step. In any case urgently take the initiative.

Known a great many ways to get to know, the main thing to do in a timely manner completely helpless look that you can not get off the bus by yourself or call the elevator. Well, if a man works in the next section, it is doomed.

Do not be afraid. Any man, whether he is married or three times by Brad Pitt will be a nice idea that he liked the woman! After all, the vast majority of men dream of girls to at least occasionally take the initiative and getting to know them yourself. And they certainly did not disappoint!

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